Why do you need physical sun protection?

As the high temperature is gradually hitting, it is certainly not enough to rely on sunscreen alone, and physical sunscreen is also necessary. Physical sunscreen refers to a form of sunscreen that refracts, reflects, and scatters ultraviolet rays to prevent ultraviolet rays from directly contacting the skin.


We can say that the best way to prevent sun protection is to avoid the sun. If it is unavoidable, the priority is to opt for shade. If you expose yourself to the sun for a long time, the exposed skin will feel hot. And when you use sun hats, sunglasses, sun umbrellas, sun-protective clothes, when using physical methods such as masks to block sunlight or block ultraviolet rays, which can play a protective role, reduce the hot feeling.

Physical sunscreen is a safer choice for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin and can ease the burden on the skin. And chemical sunscreen requires frequent sun protection. Because of their different principles of action, as long as the physical sunscreen is applied, it is equivalent to covering the face with a visor, chemical sunscreen is to absorb and decompose ultraviolet rays through the reaction of some chemical substances to achieve the effect of sunscreen.


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