• Why do you need physical sun protection?

    Why do you need physical sun protection?
    As the high temperature is gradually hitting, it is certainly not enough to rely on sunscreen alone, and physical sunscreen is also necessary. Physical sunscreen refers to a form of sunscreen that refracts, reflects, and scatters ultraviolet rays to prevent ultraviolet rays from directly contacting the skin. We can say that the best way to prevent sun protection is to avoid the sun. If...
  • Details of sun protection

    Details of sun protection
    Sun protection in the snow In the snow, there is a high risk of sun damage to exposed skin because UV levels can be a lot higher and you can be exposed to almost twice the dose of UV. This is because at high altitudes UV is more intense than at low altitudes, and the snow can reflect up to 90 per cent of...
  • Sun protection

    Sun protection
    People love getting outdoors in summer. Sun safety is important for our children as it helps protect skin cancer later in life. Children can get sunburnt in less than 10 minutes, and babies even more quickly. Protect your child from the sun by teaching them to become SunSmart. Always use sun protection when UV levels are 3 or higher. It is also important to...
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